For Families

Gray Consulting and Therapy, LLC provides consultation, evaluation, and therapy services to children and families.

Speech and Language Evaluations:

These services are available for families who want an evaluation for children with complex communication needs and students with traditional speech language disorders, as part of the special education process. We are able to offer this service to middle and high school students with language learning or speech-language disabilities. Evaluations are available to students of any age who use augmentative communication.

Augmentative Communication Consultations/Evaluations:

Augmentative communication services include use of low or high tech augmentative communication systems that are already in place. We also or assist teams with exploring different technology options if the current system in place isn’t working. Services are focused on specific questions that the team would like answered. Evaluations are written for educational and therapeutic planning purposes, not third party funding (i.e, insurance, Medicaid) of augmentative communication devices.

Assistive Technology Consultations/Evaluations:

Assistive technology services are available to make recommendations for technology related to a speech or language disability. Assistive technology evaluations are focused on identifying solutions to specific tasks, such as reading, writing, or note-taking.

Therapy Services:

Therapy services are available in our office. We specialize in speech language therapy which is available for older children and teens with language learning disabilities, pragmatic language challenges, and speech language disorders. We work with students of all ages who use augmentative alternative communication. We also provide therapy and training to students learning assistive technology and online tools such as Google Drive and extensions, Bookshare, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech programs.