For Schools

Gray Consulting and Therapy, LLC provides consultation, evaluation, training, therapy, and specialty services to school districts.

Select one of the clinical service options below to learn more information.


This system-wide service works with administrators to develop a focused plan to better allocate resources, training, and technology to meet the needs of many students, or a specific population. This service is discussed with administrators across special education, regular education, and technology to answer specific questions or meet a specific need. Our pricing is customized based on the project.


Formal Services include a written report and evaluator participation in a Team Meeting to review testing. Formal Evaluation Services may be included or added onto consultation packages. This includes direct and indirect (report writing, scoring, record review, team interview, observation) time and can range from 8-15 hours, depending on complexity. Gray Consulting and Therapy, LLC clinicians refer AT/AAC evaluations that are beyond the scope of practice of the evaluating clinician.

  • Initial or Triennial Speech and Language Evaluations: These evaluations are available for teams who want an evaluation for students with complex communication needs. They are also available to students with traditional speech language disorders, as part of the special education process. We are able to offer this service to middle and high school students with language learning or speech-language disabilities. Evaluations are available to students of any age who use augmentative communication.
  • Assistive Technology Consultations/Evaluations: Assist teams with implementing assistive technology for a specific purpose. These evaluations are focused on identifying solutions to specific tasks.
  • Augmentative Communication Consultations/Evaluations: Consultations and evaluations are available for teams who are looking to better implement augmentative communication in the school setting. This may include better use of low or high tech augmentative communication systems that are already in place, or assisting teams with exploring different technology if what is in place isn’t working. Services are focused on specific questions that the team would like answered. Evaluations are written for educational planning purposes, not third party funding (i.e, insurance, Medicaid) of augmentative communication devices.


Let us customize a training for your next early release or professional development day. We have extensive experience presenting on the local, regional, and national level. Workshops and trainings are available to meet district training needs on early release days and professional development days. We offer half and full day trainings.

The following is a list of potential topics that can be covered:
  • Augmentative Alternative Communication
  • Adapting Books for Emergent Literacy
  • Emergent Reading and Writing for students using Augmentative Communication
  • Assistive Technology for reading and writing
  • How to include Assistive Technology in an IEP
  • Goal writing for Augmentative communication or Assistive Technology
  • What is Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning?


We offer school-based speech therapy contract services. For students who need services outside of their school environment, therapy services are available at our office during the school day. Speech-language therapy is available for upper-elementary, middle, and high schoolers with language learning disabilities, speech-language disorders, and students of all ages who use augmentative alternative communication.

We also provide training to students learning assistive technology and online tools such as Google Drive and extensions, Bookshare, speech-to-text and text-to-speech programs.



During the MA & NH school closures, Gray Consulting and Therapy continues to work with the school teams and families to support assistive technology, speech therapy and augmentative communication.  Support services are continuing via videoconferencing, phone, or email.